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We are a sports-oriented tour operator and have been working very successfully with travel agencies and other specialised agencies.

Long-standing cooperation with travel agencies

Since the company was founded in 2003, we have enjoyed working with travel agencies: several dozen bookings are arranged for us every year by travel agencies, coach companies and specialised agencies.

Our subsidiary SOCCATOURS GmbH is the industry leader for training camps and tournament trips and acts as a travel agent. It is also a member of the DRV, the largest and strongest German association of tour operators and travel agents.


Marcus Häusler

Marcus Häusler

Conditions & commission rates

We pay travel agencies 5.0% commission for the arrangement of package tours. For bookings with flights and generally bookings with a total travel price of EUR 25,000 or more, we will agree the commission with you individually.


Payment is made in two instalments in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Business and Travel: a deposit of 30% of the total travel price is due within seven days of booking and the remainder 30 days before arrival.

This model, which is very convenient for both parties because it is automated, eliminates the need for a security deposit.

Request for quotation

As soon as we have assigned you an agency number, simply request your quotations via the websites on which we present our training camps and tournament trips, stating your agency number.

Presentation of our offers

The websites of our own brands provide you with a complete overview of all our training camp and tournament trips. You are also welcome to licence our image and text material from us.

Legal information

We have summarised our legal information in a separate section. Here you will find all information such as general terms and conditions and our form for informing travellers on package tours.

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Marcus Häusler

Do you have a question?