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Training camp preparation

<p><span>So now you’ve decided on one of our destinations or a certain offer – an excellent choice! Your SOCCATOURS booking with the market leader will go extremely quickly, simply and without red tape – now your training camp experts take over the rest, and you can sit back and relax. You can find detailed information in our service section under ‘Booking procedure’.</span></p>

<p>Your team wants to stay informed! We strongly recommend that you give your players, minders and those travelling with you an information sheet which contains the most important information for participants:</p> <ul> <li>Hotel information with contact details</li> <li>Exact meeting points (time and location)</li> <li>Training times</li> <li>Meal times</li> <li>Opportunities for recovery</li> <li>Leisure activities</li> <li>Intended goals</li> <li>Possible necessity of passports and their validity</li> </ul> <p>Don’t underestimate the psychological momentum you give your players when they get detailed information from you. You can be sure that everyone involved will take the training camp more seriously from the outset and will be more focused from the beginning than if they have the feeling that things are being left to chance during the training camp.</p> <p>For junior teams, you should pay special attention to the estimated need for cash and how many training kits and how much clothing will be needed. Additionally, we expressly recommend that you provide the players’ parents with information in writing. As the person responsible for supervision, you need to have the absolute trust of the parents. The fewer questions the mothers and fathers have after they’ve read the information you provide, the more trustworthy and competent you will appear in their eyes. Our staff includes plenty of mothers and fathers and we can thus say from our own experience that parents always like to know exactly where their kids are and what they’re doing. </p>

<p><span lang='EN-GB'>Things start to get a little more hectic right before the camp, our experience shows. Now’s the time to keep a level head!  You’ve surely already thought about which exercises you want to have your team do as part of the football training camp. That means you also already know what training equipment you’ll need. Balls, cones, poles, bibs and first-aid kits are certainly must-haves, but do you also need speed rings, agility ladders and a header pendulum ball, for instance?<o:p></o:p></span></p> <p><span lang='EN-GB'>Please make arrangements for training equipment early on, so that you have enough time to procure any missing equipment if necessary. With the assurance of a well-structured programme and training plan and a full set of the right training equipment, you can approach your training camp with peace of mind.<o:p></o:p></span></p>

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