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Marcus Häusler

Travelling to Success

Marcus Häusler

The SOCCATOURS guide to your perfect training camp

As is so often the case, careful planning is the key to success. For a successful training camp, it is wise to start thinking about the right things well in advance. Just to mention a few:

  • What goals do I want to achieve with my team at and especially with the training camp? What should stick with the players?
  • What budget is available to me for the training camp and how could I possibly increase it?
  • Which objective criteria should I use to choose the best destination for us?
  • How can I best prepare my players and myself for the training camp to get the best possible result?
  • What should I definitely pay attention to in the training camp debrief?

From our day-to-day work – the organisation of more than 1,300 training camps per season – we know the difficulties that training camp trip organisers experience. However, they can often be easily avoided if you deal with them in advance.

Using our many years of experience, we can show you how best to structure the preparation for your training camp and where the hidden pitfalls lurk. Using real-life examples, we will explain to you in detail which mistakes are often made out of ignorance or inexperience and, in the worst case, can even cost a lot of money. 

We are sure that our guide will make it much easier for you to organise your next training camp and you will come a big step closer to your goal – the perfect training camp. Let’s get started!

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