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Grosslehen Hotel & Chalets Austria

Grosslehen Hotel & Chalets ****

Fieberbrunn, Tyrol

Natural grass pitch, Wellness, Fitness

1,089.00 €

8 days, 7 nights, full board (including coffee break table)


Individual demands of juniors, amateurs and professionals: widest portfolio of football training camp locations in Europe


Europe's most successful football training camp organiser: outstanding reviews from more than 1,200 teams per season


With the licence of FIFA Match Agent Marcus Häusler: adequate test match opponents in hundreds of matches every season

Pleasant alpine summer climate
Fast accessibility due to perfect infrastructure
Summer and winter destinations
Countless team building opportunities

Training camp in the "holy land of Tyrol"

Tyrol offers an idyllic mountain landscape like no other, a lively hotel industry ranging from simple to luxurious accommodation, quick accessibility via well-developed road and rail connections and, of course, excellent state-of-the-art natural and artificial grass pitches. In addition, Tyrol offers countless opportunities for team building and outdoor activities. With WSG Tirol in the Bundesliga and Wacker Innsbruck in the 2nd league, Tyrol also has two professional clubs in the Austrian football world.


Can I visit an accommodation before arrival?

Of course, with pleasure! The best thing is to contact our team directly and make an appointment. We also offer attractive special conditions for visitors in advance, should an overnight stay be desired. 

Can I rely on the quality of the products? 

Our claim as the largest and most successful training camp organiser in Europe (over 94.5% recommendation rate with 1,355 bookings in 2019) is to offer our customers a perfect training camp. Our selection of destinations is subject to strict quality standards which are personally checked several times a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

<p>The best time for a football training camp in Tyrol is certainly summer. The climatic conditions from June to September are perfect. Thanks to the favourable weather and maintenance, the natural grass pitches are in perfect condition.</p> <p>However, a successful training camp can also be held in winter thanks to a large number of new artificial grass pitches - it is cold in Tyrol, especially at higher altitudes, while the winter climate in the Inn Valley is generally pleasant and sunny.</p>

<p>Yes, we have made agreements with all our partner clubs in Tyrol about fixed training times. At the same time as confirming your booking, we use our checklist to find out which training schedule you want and schedule the times in consultation with you. This way, the general conditions are fixed long before your arrival and there are no surprises on site.</p>

<p>This is a typical problem with group tours, because very few associations know the exact number of participants months in advance. We try to make changes that differ from the original booking ('cancellation' for fewer participants, 'rebooking' for more participants) as unbureaucratic and cost-effective as possible for you.</p> <p>Deviating from our General Terms and Conditions of Business and Travel, you may be able to benefit from more favourable cancellation conditions. In practice, this happens quite often because we have very good personal contacts with the hoteliers. In the case of training camps with own travel, problems have only very rarely arisen when the number of participants changes by one or two players at short notice. Then you usually only pay for the rooms you actually need. However, it is always a prerequisite that you inform us of such changes before your arrival so that we can inform the service providers on site in good time.</p> <p>However, if the number of participants changes more seriously - by more than two people - it can happen that service providers on site demand cancellation fees, up to a maximum of the amount stated in our <a href='/legal-notice/general-terms-and-conditions-of-contract-travel-and-insurance/'>General Terms and Conditions</a>. The situation is more problematic with air travel, however, because the airlines allow very little leeway and subsequent changes are (almost) always associated with costs. In the worst case, the costs stated in our <a href='/legal-notice/general-terms-and-conditions-of-contract-travel-and-insurance/'>General Terms and Conditions</a> will always be incurred.</p> <p>Please note that in case of unannounced non-arrival (also by individual participants), 100% cancellation fees ('no show') are regularly incurred.</p> <p>We strongly recommend that you take out one of our <a href=''>travel insurances</a> (group travel cancellation basic cover for 3.7% or group complete cover for 5.1% of the average travel price), which cover e.g. accidental injury or illness incl. Corona. This means you are definitely on the safe side.</p>

<p>An overview of all our available destinations in Tyrol can be found  <a title='Fussballtrainingslager in Tirol' href='hotels/'>here</a>.</p>

<p>Tyrolean hospitality, great experience in tourism, the mild climate in summer, lush green and well-kept natural grass pitches and the breathtaking mountain scenery are the clear advantages of Tyrol.</p>

<p>Yes, our partner clubs are equipped with modern equipment and can usually clear large amounts of fresh snow within a very short time and guarantee smooth training operations. Only in extreme weather situations would the clearing take longer - then we will of course endeavour to facilitate an alternative programme or a pitch sharing at a later time. Proportionate course costs will of course be refunded.</p>

Pleasant alpine summer climate
Fast accessibility due to perfect infrastructure
Summer and winter destinations
Countless team building opportunities

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