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Training camp goals

<p><span>As a responsible coach, athletic director or organiser, you have surely already put quite a bit of thought into what sporting goals you hope to achieve with your team and how you can help them develop further. If you take a skilled approach to it, a training camp can be very helpful in achieving your team goals. Above all, you have to be aware that you’ll never have any more intense time with your team than during a football training camp. You will likely put them through a challenging and painstakingly planned training programme. The full focus of your team will be on football. Time will fly by over these few days, so you need to have a detailed plan for every minute of the day. </span></p>

<p><span>The right time for a training camp also depends on your objectives and the focal points you’ve derived from them. After all, you’d hardly want to have a training camp centred on conditioning the week before you begin the second half of your season. And you’ll also consider whether it really makes sense to have a training camp on Turkish or Spanish natural grass immediately before the season when you’re expecting the first few home matches to be on pitches which have been softened and muddied by constant rain or melting snow.</span></p>

<p><span>Have you got a lot of new players before the season and need to establish a new team atmosphere? Then you should definitely incorporate team-building activities into your training camp. Has your group been playing together for years and you only want to put the finishing touches on your tactics? Then you should focus your training camp on tactics and standards. Formulate your goals that you hope to achieve with your team during the training camp. Weighting is certainly advisable, so that you can react accordingly if there are short-notice changes once you’re there.  Please put sufficiently detailed thought into this topic. Determining the right objectives is one of the most important factors in whether your football training camp is successful. In this regard, you should also consider the squad of players you want to participate in the camp. Are you going to take all the players who want to take part? Only the first team – with a few young talents to fill out the roster? We recommend making a preliminary list of participants.</span></p>

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