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Hotel Sithonia Greece
Hotel Sithonia Greece
Hotel Sithonia Greece
Hotel Sithonia Greece
Hotel Sithonia Greece
Hotel Sithonia Greece

Hotel Sithonia *****

Porto Carras, Chalkidiki

Natural grass pitch, Wellness, Fitness

524.00 €

1 week, all inclusive, includes flight


Individual demands of juniors, amateurs and professionals: widest portfolio of football training camp locations in Europe


Europe's most successful football training camp organiser: outstanding reviews from more than 1,200 teams per season


With the licence of FIFA Match Agent Marcus Häusler: adequate test match opponents in hundreds of matches every season

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Training camps in Greece

For winter training camps
Strongly increasing popularity
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Football training camps in Greece

Football Training Camps in Greece - SOCCATOURS is Europe's most successful tour operator of football training camps in Greece with a recommendation rate of 94.8%. Get offers now!

Greece is certainly not one of the established training camp destinations, but is slowly approaching this tourist niche. However, some tourist destinations have already recognised the potential and offer training camps for football teams. Compared to other countries such as Turkey or Spain, however, the overall performance can certainly still be optimised.

What should you consider when planning?

Those who are already used to the high standard of Spanish and Turkish training camp destinations will probably not be happy in Greece. Ideal for a training camp in Greece are teams that appreciate and enjoy the Greek flair and want to gain a new training camp experience.

When is the perfect time to travel to Greece for a training camp?

Generally speaking, a training camp during winter preparation is a good idea, ideally in March. Due to the Mediterranean climate, you will find mild temperatures and predominantly nice weather in this month.

Frequently Asked Questions

<p><span>You can find the current entry requirements to Greece <a href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener'>here</a>. </span></p>

<p>Compared to established training camp destinations such as Turkey or Spain, the quality of the football grounds is rather poor. This is primarily due to the fact that Greece has not yet specialised in training camp tours.</p>

<p>Greece has a very mild <a href=''>climate</a> with little rainfall, making it the perfect destination for a winter training camp.</p>

<p>Besides the continuously growing training camp market in Greece, this country also offers many scenic attractions. In addition, the lively cities offer various teambuilding opportunities.</p>

For winter training camps
Strongly increasing popularity
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